Easy Boundaries in Relationships

Here is the simple way to set boundaries and recognize red flags in this frank and honest look at relationships. Boundaries don’t have to be hard or stressful. Red flags aren’t just on beaches. You’re going to like this.

Small Talk

Having to make small talk is a challenge for people with Aspergers. The Autistic Woman breaks it down — How neurotypicals and neurodivirgents differ in processing conversation and why people with Aspergers have to rehearse before talking. This episode offers a practical tip to make small talk easier.

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High Functioning Autism and Aspergers – A Brief Introduction

Why is Aspergers called High Functioning Autism? The answer might surprise you.

Formerly called Aspergers the syndrome goes by many names including Aspergers and High Functioning Autism. This brief introduction discusses the history of the way autism has been perceived and a common reaction to the diagnosis.

Handling Meltdowns

People with Aspergers have meltdowns and it isn’t on purpose. They come seemingly out of nowhere and are painful and frightening. 

The Autistic Woman describes the causes of meltdowns and relates personal experiences on handling them. Hear why meltdowns are not tantrums and the reason they occur.

What Aspergers is and Why it is Missed

Aspergers was considered to be a male disorder. The reason women and girls have been ignored were well hidden until now.

Communication Complexities

A brief description of how basic communication is “lost in translation” for autistic individuals. Other episodes present in detail the many ways autism affects communication.