Sound Effects

Do some sounds get on your nerves and others lift your mood? Autistic brains are sensitive to sound. Sounds affect the nervous system of an autistic and can cause severe neurological symptoms such as pain, anxiety, incapacity and meltdowns. Dealing with these sounds impacts a person’s ability to communicate, work and enjoy life. Listen to the discord that is known as sound sensitivity.

Bullies at Work

If you have ever encountered a bully at work, particularly a boss, this is the only way to handle one. This advice is different than what you’ve heard because standing up to a bully or confronting one is not the answer. What’s the best way to deal with a bully? Hear how this unconventional advice works.

Superpower: Thinking in Pictures

What is visual thinking, also called “thinking in pictures”? This episode answers that question and tells you why visual thinking may be a superpower.

Speaking Literally: Idioms From the Horse’s Mouth

Do you feel like a fish out of water when someone speaks in idioms? Like you’re not on the same page? Don’t wait for pigs to fly! Hear how the literal brain understands idioms–straight from the horse’s mouth.

Do You Ever Tell People Who You Are?

What things do you tell people about yourself and what things do you hide? Here are the questions to consider when deciding what to talk about and what to keep to yourself. Your answers can reveal how you are living with AS and what you’d like to change. Added benefit: you can use this as a meditation.

Wake up: Stop the Noise!

How does it feel to wake up autistic? What life sounds like when we open our eyes can set the tone for the whole day. Unrelenting and irritating noise wreaks havoc with our nervous system. Is anybody listening? Do you hear us?

Mind Chatter: 60 Seconds in the ASD/ADHD brain

From four trains of thought going on at the same time to rehearsing convos people with ASD/ADHD have a rich (and sometimes exhausting) inner life. Hear what’s it’s like for 60 seconds…