More and more people are finding out as adults that they have Aspergers. A person in her 20’s considers herself to be “late diagnosis” Aspergers. Even at that young age life to that point may have seemed difficult without explanation. Finding out they have Aspergers can be a relief to adults who once believed there was something “wrong” with them.

I found out about Aspergers at age 64 and it changed my life. Learning what it means and how it affects me is a process that unfolds every day. Aspergers is complex and the traits and characteristics overlap to affect primarily communication and social interaction. Those just happen to be two of the most important functions for living a satisfying life.

Aspergers is a neurological condition. For me it is not a disability or mental illness. My brain is differently wired. It can’t be cured because it’s not a disease. I’m learning not to use the word “symptoms” to describe my differences.

People with Aspergers are intelligent and funny, They are great friends. They feel emotion deeply, They are creative. You might not see it…until you know how to look.

This podcast is based on my experience. It includes research and scientific information. (People with Aspergers tend to thrive on research.) It includes insight from other people with Aspergers. I call it a field guide to help you identify and understand yourself or someone you know who might be hiding a really interesting person inside.